Q: These photos in the gallery are fantastic!  How can I purchase a print?
A: Most of the prints you see in the galleries can be purchased.  To purchase a print, simply visit the Hub Photos Store or the Hub Photos Etsy Store.  If you see a print you'd like and it it not in the store OR if the store is giving you trouble, don't hesitate to send us an email.

Q: I'm confused... Why are there two stores?
A: As of 7/4/13, in an effort to ensure Hub Photos can reach the masses, we decided to include our most popular prints into an Etsy Storefront.  Society6 is great and can offer cell phone cases and pillows and a greater variety of products.  Etsy is be a place to purchase prints that are already matted and ready to frame and hang.  We see these two storefronts as complementing each other.
Etsy is a place to buy the prints that are produced in house and likely seen at an art show.  In the past, the prints that were left over from shows would be stored until the next show.  Now, they will go on Etsy for your purchase.
Society6 will continue to produce those products offsite and ship it directly to you.
Either site is a great place to go if you want to own a Hub Photo original.

Q: I'm with XYZ Company and we'd like to use one of your images in a print campaign.  What are your rates?
A: Please contact us directly about these inquiries.  Rates depend on the type of usage and length of the campaign.

Q: Where is Hub Photos based out of?
A: We are based in Boston, MA.  Go Red Sox!

Q: Where was XYZ picture taken??
A: Nate brings his camera with him pretty much everywhere he goes, so the answer varies.  Most of the pictures on this site were taken in Boston, but some of the animal pictures come from as far away as the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Africa.  Nate's 2-week safari actually got cut short due to some illegal poaching activity in the area, but Nate hopes to return very soon to finish the rest of the African Safari!
The Northern Lights Pictures were taken over 200 miles North of the Arctic Circle, in Northern Norway & Finland.

Q: Are you available to take pictures at an event I'm hosting (engagement shoot, wedding, bar-mitzah, party, etc.)?
A: Yes, depending on the schedule of the event.  Generally, before committing to shooting an event, we like to sit down and discuss what you are looking for in a photographer and whether or not we can fulfill your goals.  There are many different types of photographers out there and it's important to make sure your photographer is exactly what you need for your given event.

Q: Can I see sample images you've taken for different events/occasions?
A: Of course!  Please contact us to see some of the images we've taken for a variety of events, styles, and subjects. Everything from weddings to modeling - Nate has done it.  The images here on hubphotos.com showcase Nate's "Fine Art Photography", but there's a lot that's not online.  We have an extensive portfolio, depending on what you're looking see and accomplish.

Q: What are your rates to shoot my event?
A: Our rates are very competitive in the market, and really depend on the goals you are looking to meet (see above).  Contact us for more information.