Hub Photos Founder, Nate Audette, started taking professionally taking pictures in 2008 for a well known professional imaging company.  Nate has been an official photographer at a variety of well known venues and events, including:

In 2008, Nate won the company "Rookie of the Year" award for being the top performing newcomer.  And then Nate was named the best photographer in the United States for two consecutive years, 2009 and 2010, for bringing in more revenue than any of photographer in the company.

Starting in 2011, Nate cut back on his regular photographer duties and focused on the more artistic and creative side of photography.  What you see presented before you, is a sample of some of the beautiful art that Nate has created over the past several years.  We invite you you take look around, and enjoy what you see.  Most of the pictures in the galleries are available for purchase in the variety of sizes.